Gone Diet Gone

About a day after I started a 40-day diet I found out I was going to visit my sister studying abroad in Rome, Italy and it was twenty days from then. Was I heart-broken? Devastated I had to cut this diet of strictly fruits, veggies, and lean protein short? About as sad as a kid finding out they were getting a pony for Christmas. 20 days instead of 40! I went into it with gusto, knowing the finish line was closer for me than my girlfriend who was doing the full 40 days.

Finally, FINALLY the time came for my departure and I timed my airport arrival so I conveniently had time to grab a meal before boarding. Airports have really stepped up their food game since McDonalds and newsstand kiosks reigned supreme. Now there is every restaurant under the sun at airports.

I was in a ‘treat yo self’ kind of mood since depriving myself of it for the diet. Enter the Cat Cora’s Tap Room. A simple and beautiful little spot tucked in the McNamara terminal of the Detroit airport. The waitress took my order seemingly unaware I was dancing in my seat, ready to undo all my hard work and fully aware of it.

It’s hard to go wrong with Short’s Brewery Soft Parade and a shepherd’s pie. The smooth, fruity beer complimented the soft, creamy mashed potatoes that hid the smoldering hearty beef and veggies underneath in only a way that a person with no expertise in beer and food pairings could understand.

The presentation simple, the taste great. This was everything I needed after 20 days of clean eating and everything I needed before a nine hour flight. I was able to put myself in a nice food coma after this and wake refreshed and ready to take on Rome.

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