Summer is winding down but my appetite has not. So, it’s time to reflect on some good food. Rome provided great sights, taste, and memories. This Magnum bar held all those things. Directly across from the Trevi Fountain, is the build your own Magnum shop. Remember when adding all the soda flavors together was a thing? A gross thing that you quickly grew out of? Those memories flooded back to me when it came decision time to dress my bar. Remembering my past mistakes I kept it light.

Dipped in chocolate, drizzled in white chocolate and covered in rose petals (fancy), sea salt crunch, and fake M&Ms kept this from becoming too much and kept it just right. I can say now my wish at the Trevi Fountain, like when Lizzie McGuire tosses the coin in, was to find adventure, just mainly through food and not a fake and phony pop singer. STILL NOT FORGIVEN, PAOLO!

Wishes come true through taste and beauty at the Magnum store, saluti!

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