My name is Katie. I am a front-end web developer. Front-end? I design the front-end of web sites. What you see on these pages is code in a front-end language so it’s what the user sees and interacts with. I am knowledgeable in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, node.js, AngluarJS, Git, and Github. Shoutout to Grand Circus, a great school for learning front-end and back-end web development in Detroit.

Self-Reflection: It isn’t always clean, but it’s necessary. Especially if you look good

Speaking of Detroit, I moved to the area in late 2015 to be the social media manager for Boyne Country Sports, a great Michigan-based ski and snowboard retail shop. You can hit up my Work Page to see posts I created during my time there.

I would say 90% of live outside of Michigan and have never been to Detroit have the same idea of it: scary and dangerous. Obviously, there are still areas where those themes run relevant, but talk to some people who have lived there their whole lives and explore the city and you’ll look at it differently. Much like Robert Downey Jr’s career, there have been ups and downs of the city and right now, we’re on the up and up. Areas are blooming with new places to eat, new buildings are helping strengthen the city’s foundation, the art movement is brightening up the city.

Through food, music, and web development I’ve been exploring this big historic city and don’t intend to stop anytime soon.


OK, that was a lot right? Let’s just do a TL:DR

Milwaukee girl who enjoys food, social media, and snowboarding moves to Detroit and expands palette, stomach, and miles traveled.